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Door Of Faith Pizza Party

        In May we raised enough donations to head down to Mexico to visit Door Of Faith Orphanage. With the donations that you gave, we were able to throw 100+ kids, and all the staff a big pizza party! This included 50 pizzas, Kool aid, plates, cups, and napkins.  The time we spent there was amazing as always. I cant tell you how great the directors and staff are. They treat you like family. We stayed in a 3 bedroom 1 bath guest house at the orphanage. This house was equipped with a full kitchen, and 2 sets of bunk beds in each room. Along with a very nice living room. It was perfect for the size group that we had. During the day we spent most of our time down on the playground with all the kids, we did leave and head to the local taco stand down the street for lunch. After a certain time, they all have to go in and get ready for bed. We did find some of the older boys playing soccer, so we decided to join them, which the soccer game turned into a cops and robbers/ full contact football type of game. It was a blast!  Sunday morning the whole orphanage goes to Church, we normally attend as well, but they didn't have a translator this time, and our Spanish isn't as good as we would like in order to keep up. So we stayed at the orphanage patiently waiting for the kids to arrive back. After lunch all the kids came back out to the playground, where I was able to chase them around with the cameras. Some of the kids there really do not like being filmed or having photos taken...... UNTIL you turn it into a game. Then they love it. The last day there we had to pack up and leave, while the kids were already heading to school. Thankfully the dorm mom was gracious enough to let us say goodbye to our girls the night before. I cant lie, I suddenly had to "Go check my phone" to hide the tears. It really does get harder and harder to say goodbye to them each time.


For more info about Door Of Faith Orphanage, or ways you can help them directly please visit  Dofo.Org

Here are some of the photos taken during the trip