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As a photographer, our goal is to capture those unforgettable moments. Showing emotion in the photos is a powerful way to gain the attention of the viewer. Emotion can come in many forms, and there are many types of emotions that we capture. Here's some of our favorites from throughout gout the years.




"Standing Out"

This is Sofia, one of our Sponsored little girls. She is currently living at Door of Faith Orphanage in Mexico.

I captured this photo just as she turned around and gave me the biggest smile. This girl stole my heart!



"Mixed Emotions"

This photo was taken at a Dump in TJ Mexico. When i say "Dump" I really mean it. Landfill. This is where these people live. I call this mixed emotions because the little girl looks so happy. You look at her mom, well that's a different story. Whats going Through her head? Maybe shes thinking about how she has no money? Maybe shes thinking about how hungry she is, but she knows what food they have will be given to the kids. This photo can certainly say it all.


"Deep Thoughts"

What is she thinking about? She's so concentrated that she has no idea I'm standing a few feet away taking a photo of her, while she sits on the makeshift steps that lead to her house in the Landfill in Mexico.


"Masked Fear"

Being able to capture emotion is one of my greatest goals when I shoot. This one was perfect. He was in fear of the cops coming while he was protesting. Not knowing whats coming next.




This LAPD officer leads the other officers into a hostile protest area. You can see the emotions going. Not sure whats going to happen.



"Game Face"

There can be many thoughts going through is head right now. A game plan before the big race? Going over all the "Checks" in his mind? Thinking about what could go wrong during the race? That's the point. We create the image so you can see your own story in the photo.


"A Look Inside"

Here's another race car driver. Whats his face say? Is he posing for the photo? Is he mad that I took that photo? Is he even looking at me, or is he looking off outside the race car? Again..... I take these so you can see a story in the photo.


"Bad Day"

Like I said in the intro, "There are many forms of emotions"  Well what I mean by that is this, Some photos you can think of many different stories that could be happening in the photo. Then there's ones like this. Its pretty obvious without words whats happening. Yes his race car caught fire. Not only is he watching $80k+ go down the drain, hes out of the race. These guys put blood, sweat, tears, and LOTS of money just to play the game.



During a Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless, one homeless man stepped away from everyone, kneeled down and started praying. You can see the look on his face, he is overcome with joy.


"Hard Times"

This lady was one of many who came to a festival in Mexico that a church group put on for them. There they served the homeless, and poor, Ice cream, Cake, and Drinks. It was a time to socialize, pray, and just know that people care. You can see the emotion in her face.



Suffering from a disease that keeps her from being around the other people in the community, one church group member prays with her. Putting aside the risk of the disease, and holding on to faith.



During a Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless, One homeless man grabs his to-go box and the expression is priceless.



"Holding Back"

Trying her hardest to smile for the camera, you can see just by spending 2 minutes with her that shes holding a lot inside, You can see it in the photo as well. This homeless woman has a million things going through her head. But doesn't want to show it.