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About Us

As a leading photography company in the High Desert, we take pride in offering the best photography services. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Since we opened in 2012 we have become an internationally published photography company. We have also built a great relationship with our clients. As well as a great reputation in the High Desert.


Behind The Camera

“I am an internationally published photographer, and owner of HLM Photography. I founded HLM Photography in 2012, where we specialize in family photos, studio portraits,celebrity  shoots, photojournalism, Off Road racing, community outreach, and more.  I hold credentials for various media outlets, publications, newspapers, I am certified in Wildland Firefighting, and have won various photography contests throughout my career. I am a native resident of the High Desert, and reside in Apple Valley with my wife and 3 children.”

Brett Marks  

Owner / Photographer  





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David developed his first roll of black and white film at 9 years old,became a contributing photographer at 17 and credentialed staff photographer for his hometown weekly newspaper at 20. After leaving the newspaper, and throughout several service careers,technical writing, and industrial relations, the areas of photography, journalism, publishing and videography collectively contributed to his success. From breaking news photography to video storytelling, David bring a unique perspective to fulfilling each of our client’s needs.

                                                              David Ford

                                                      Owner/ Photographer





        HLM Photography photojournalists cover breaking news in the High Desert and surrounding areas. Covering everything from Fires, Accidents, Historic Events, and more. With HLM Photography's fast response times, we ensure the best quality photos for your publications. With trainning in Report writing, we are able to get all the info needed to create the story if a reporter is not readily available. With firefighter qualifications, and trainning, we are able to access areas many media cannot.  We have built a great working relationship with local Fire departments, and Law enforcement. We are always professional on and off scene. Covering everything from the protests in Los Angeles to the Terrorist attack in San Bernardino, you can bet HLM Photography will be there! 








     HLM Photography does various things for local charity groups in the High Desert. From donating money to donating services, we do our part to show our support. Some of the local charity groups we work with include: Friends Of Tent City (Project Hope Haven) and Door Of Faith Orphanage

Doing our part to help is very important to the community as well as the charity groups involved. By donating our photography services at the different events  gives the organization an opportunity to display the photos on their websites, social media, and publications in order to spread the word about the focus of the organization.

One of our favorite ways of doing our part, is going to Mexico with a ministry team to give Christmas presents to an Orphanage. Documenting the trip along the way and bringing that back to the Untited States, it opens the eyes of so many. This gives people a chance to help as well, by donating money for the next trip.

You can do your part by contacting one of the local charity organizations we mentioned.


Friends Of Tent City     
Eric "Pico" Rivera
(760) 220-0799
Door Of Faith Orphanage (DOFO)
La Mision, Baja, Mexico













Racing Industry


    As an Internationally Published racing photographer, We strive to give our clients the highest quality action shots. We take the extra time to make every photo unique. We cover multiple racing series such as, Lucas Oil Off road, Ultra 4 racing, Trans world MX, and Lucas Oil MX.


 Ultra4 Racing -  The Ultra4 racing class is defined as a class that all cars must be 4 wheel drive, its an unlimited class. The vehicles are rock crawlers that still can do 100+ mph through the desert, The founders of Hammerking are the force behind the one day, Toughest off road race know as The King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley. Ultra4 has a huge fan base which is growing every year. From endro style races to the Grand Prix in Glen Helen, Ultra4 is by far one of the most exciting racing series that the whole family can enjoy. Learn more at:

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series - Short course racing at its finest. The family friendly racing series is action packed with everything from Trophy karts to Pro4 trucks. The high speeds, huge jumps, Celebrity drivers, make for an awesome day of racing. Learn more at:


 HLM Photography is registered with the Association of Motorsports Media Professionals (AMMP)